Spirit Stain Sample Pack 2oz


An exciting and vibrant set of colors for staining wood, Spirit Stains are methanol based to make them quick drying and because of this they also will not raise the grain of the timber they are applied to.

The pigments used to make this stains are of the highest quality and all score the top ratings of 7s and 8s in the Blue Wool Scale, the measuring system used to rate fade resistance. This means you can use them with confidence knowing that the color you apply will still be the same many years later.

Spirit Stains are fully inter-mixable so you can produce virtually any color you can think of, giving you full opportunity to be as creative as you wish. The colors will also mix after application so you can blend from one color to another for fantastic ‘flare’ effects.

Spirit Stain White is designed primarily as a mixer to create pastel shades when mixed with other Spirit Stain colors. It can be used to stain timber but as it is a translucent stain this can have a limited effect depending on the base color of the timber used.

Should you want a more subtle color you can dilute the stains with Spirit Thinners for a delicate wash effect.

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stock pic of U.K sample pack, orders within the states will be packed by 518 Wood Stylings and come in 2oz bottles and do NOT contain white. although if you contact me I can special make a set.


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